How to Articles pdf files

This page is compiled of articles and how to’s that fellow modellers have passed on to me to pass on to you. If you have a How to you would like to pass on, feel free to email me.
Cub Gear This pdf was a file passed onto me. I can personally say I have never attempted to build a set of gear with this file. If you build a set send me some photos and let me know how they workout.
Cub covering This pdf file contains several pages the will aid you in the placement of stitching, and pinking on Cub’s and Super Cub’s Also the placement of outer patches.
Instruments bezels This PDF file is a how to on moulding instruments bezels. Article was printed in the 1996 radio Control Scale Aircraft
RC Sportsman L-4 Conversion Article This is an old article sent to me from RC Sportsman. Simply a how to build a stand off scale L-4 from a Sig kit with a little modifications to the kit.

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