Scale Ailerons.

Cub Ailerons. Most are hinged on the top. From a building side, this is the easiest way of building them on larger planes. From a visual aspect, they look the best hinged from the top with out the large opening showing. For the hinge part Balsa USA has used for years a simple built up part for their 1/3 scale Cub using brass tubing and parts from Dubro. I took a set of full scale drawings and came up with a set of semi-scale ailerons for the old Cub. I had to use a little fudge factor on the scale part in order to make them able to plug in with the existing wing build. I currently have available plans and instructions for the 1/4 scale Sig Kit and Balsa USA Kit. My plans are no online in The Cub Den store, check them out. Sig & Balsa USA 1/4 scale Aileron plans, with instructions.

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