Scale Pulley

This pulley is for scale appearance only and not intended for use under a working load!
To make a pulley take two circles of 1/16 ply or half the thickness of the pulley you need. Now lay them on top of each other and drill a hole in the center. Now use the Dremel tool with the mandrel that is used with the cutoff wheels, put the screw through the center of the two circles like you where mounting a cutoff wheel. Turn on at low speed and take some sandpaper and sand the circles down to the size you want. I used 7/8 for mine. When you get them to size then start sanding the sides to form an upside down V, just think the opposite of what a pulley looks like. When you get your v at about a 45Deg. Remove them from the mandrel. Now take the top circle and put it under the bottom one. Now just glue the two circles together and we have a pulley. You can remount it to the mandrel and use fine sandpaper to sand the top and bottom of the pulley for s slick finish. Paint and finish, as you like.
The mount bracket for the pulley is made from thin sheet metal cut and bent to look like what is on the real plane.

Photo from my Cub of a Scale Pulley
Photo from my Cub of a Scale Pulley

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