Fuselage build

As with all builds, it is recommended to place wax paper over the plans.  Build one side at a time.


Start by laying out the 3/8 x 3/8 spruce top and bottom longeron.   Using 48-inch-long longeron, the section trimmed from the top can be used to extend the bottom stringer using a diagonal splice.




Detail showing the top and bottom 3/8 x 3/8 spruce longeron.  Bottom is a diagonal splice shown by the blackline. 

Grab a few sticks of 3/8 x 3/8 balsa and get ready for some fun. Recommend hard balsa for all braces.   Take you time and start cutting the braces with good tight joints.  Do not glue till you have all braces for one side ready.  I recommend numbering your braces and when you are happy with the fit, mark and cut a second one for the other side.  I cut 1/16 on the long side for second set so it can be trimmed to fit. 

After completing one side remove it from the plans and build the second side repeating the steps above.


Let’s start working on the ply sides for the front.  Right or door side shown in this step.  Transfer the location for all the braces and longeron to the ply. 



With 1/4 x 3/8 balsa cut the needed braces for the ply side.  Hard balsa grade recommended and make tight joints.  Leave the bottom open for the landing gear block along with the are for top and bottom longeron.



Braces installed and now ready to attach to the fuselage frame you made above.  It critical that you get it aligned perfect. 




The finished assembly




Now repeat the left ply side remember it’s a mirror image of the right except the door opening. 

Reminder the left ply side is a mirror image of the right except the door opening. 

Lay both finished assemblies on top of each other and they should match perfect. 

Time to bend some wire for the reinforcement. 

Using 1/8 music wire. Bend it flat to match the layout on the plans. Make two sections




Start work on the turtle deck formers.  TD1 and TD2 are 1/8 ply.  TD3 thru TD7 are made from stiff 1/8 balsa. 

For TD3 thru TD7 glue the half’s together.

On bottom of TD1 thru TD7 apply a strip of 1/4 x 3/8 balsa.



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