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Quad Lighting 48 LED Super Bright


I went with Cub for my first LED experience for my TBS Discovery. I wanted super bright, easy to install, and not pricey lights. When I got my package, the lights were well packaged and I couldn't hook them up to a lipo fast enough. When I did, my eyes lit up as bright as the lights! I knew right then I was hooked!

Installation was super easy. Just peel and stick. Soldered two wires to my Disco frame and on to next set of lights.
Just for added security a placed a drop of CA glue every 4" between strip and arm. They haven't budged.

Flying has never been so cool. With super bright blue up front and super red in back, there is no question as to orientation of the quad! They are so bright, even during the day, that it reminds me of light sabers or afterburners in back!
On my first night flight, my jaw dropped! People walking by stopped in amusement, wondering if it was a UFO or something! Everything around had an awesome hue to it from the lights. After about 15 flights, all lights still work, are attached to arms nicely, and glow ever so brightly!

Thanks Cub for making my first experience a great one!
Go with Cub...he'll leave the lights on for you :)

Date Added: 12/10/2014 by Jerry Connolly

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