FAQ Section


VOLTAGE :  Our LED's are rated for 12V DC. Running them on a 3S pack is fine. They can also be ran from a 2S pack but will be dimmer. If you have a 4S or up pack it is recommended to use our converter to drop the voltage.

HOW LONG OF A STRIP CAN I RUN  :  5 meters is the max recommended in one run. If you need to run more then 5 meters you will need to divide the section and supply both sections with power.

WHAT DO I DO IF THE LIGHTS COME UNSTUCK.  :  Our lights have the 3M tape on the back. If they come unstuck, we recommend using a form of CA glue to reattach them. Check that you glue is safe with the materiel you are gluing to.

DEFERENCE BETWEEN WATERPROOF AND NON WATERPROOF  :  The ware proof has a thick clear covering over the top protecting the lights. The waterproof are thicker and heaver then the non waterproof.

WHAT IF MY STRIPS GET WET.  :  I have 5 meters on a flying wing. I have landed many times on grass wet from dew and yet to have any issue from the dew.

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